The REZNORSOLAR collector uses sun rays to directly heat warm air. Low cost eco-friendly heating and ventilation for businesses
It is a clean, environmentally friendly and low cost heating and ventilation system for:                                

  • Halls for sports and leisure, where they partially or fully renew hygienic air
  • Production halls, where they increase comfort and working conditions, leading to a reduction in sick days!
  • Warehouses, where they help keep stock above freezing point
  • ...


  • Energy savings of 20 to 50 %
  • Sustainable
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Requires only a minimum of maintenance


Operation of the REZNORSOLAR low cost eco-friendly heating and ventilation system for businesses and factories

  • 2.5 m² modules that can be combined upto 20 m²
  • Air flow: 660 to 2 300 m³/h per 20 m² combination
  • Output: up to 1 600 W per 2.50 m² module



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