"BTwin" BTH2R

Radiant heating for medium to high industrial buildings with or without insulation. U-shaped emitter tube, high combustion and radiation efficiency. sustainable high efficiency heater

  • Heats an entire building, a zone or a workstation
  • Works in the same way as sun rays
  • Displaces no air or dust
  • Significantly reduces energy consumption: 20 to 50 % compared to conventional systems
  • Exceptional radiation efficiency: 73 %
  • Produces and emits heat directly without any transfer fluid
  • Reaches full output very quickly

profile of the BTH2R highly efficient radiant heater

The converter transforms convected heat into radiated heat. In this way, higher efficiency is obtained and consumption of energy is reduced.

operation of the high efficiency radiant heater BTH2R


  • Compact, U-shaped emitter tube
  • Converter with high density insulation

 Output kW 25 35 45
 Gas 2H - 20mbar m³/h 2.65 3.70 4.76
2L - 25mbar m³/h 3.08 4.31 5.54
3P - 37mbar kg/h 1.94 2.72 3.50
 Ø gas connection 3/4" gas
 Voltage 230/240V / 50Hz / Single phase
 Electric start up power 115 VA
 Weight kg 142 246 318
 Dimensions mm 5020 8540 10820

Choice of flue type:

  • directly into the air, depending on local norms
  • individual flue system
  • collective flue system
  • balanced flue system for roof or wall

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