Our unrivaled experience
Gaz Industrie was founded in 1978. Since the days of the oil crisis we remained in touch with installers, purchasing advisors, industry, local governments and public institutions, to provide them with large volume heating. Today, we have completed our large building HVAC range with ventilation and air conditioning.

Innovation : the strength of a group
Becoming part of Nortek in 2014 only strengthened our resolve to innovate. This is why our teams exclusively use the most state of the art facilities and software.

A wide product range
Gas fired radiant heating and air heating, cooling, air conditioning, air curtains, heat recovery... Our HVAC solutions for large buildings unite comfort, performance and sustainability.

Our customer orientation and service
Whether in France or the rest of the world, Gaz Industrie will remain at your side to advise you, from the draft board to the maintenance of your installations.

Our dedication to quality
Gaz Industrie is fully dedicated to a quality-based approach, as confirmed by our ISO 9001 certification. We actively participate in interests groups for the development and follow-up of norms for decentralized gas heating, including but not limited to radiant tubes and gas unit heaters.